Tomorrow I’m leaving for China. I’m off to see my family and the Chengdu panda research and breeding centre.

I’ll be back in November with lots and lots of photos and stories to share.

And yes, this is the place where one of the largest panda research centres is located. The centre takes care of protecting our species and managing our reproduction. It’s really a very well made place. It makes us feel like we’re in a wild panda habitat and enables us to adapt better once we’re released into the wild.

It’s also possible to do volunteer programmes at the centre and learn to get to know us, take care of us and, most importantly of all, play together with us.

It is true that my home is a long way away however, a very long way away even, and getting there is a bit of an expedition. My friends would be very pleased to meet you though.

So are you ready for a big adventure?

And for those who can’t make the trip, I’ll be sharing my photos of us all once I get back.