We think it’s important to provide you with information about the contents of the ‘Little Chef Panda’ children’s web site. The topics presented are educational, entertaining and cultural. This page is a summary of what you will find on the web site enabling you to take an informed decision before letting your children discover Little Panda Chef’s world.


We introduce the team and our overall approach presenting topics through the eyes of our emblematic character: Little Panda Chef from China called Lee.


Little Panda Chef tells his story and talks about pandas.  He is a knowledgeable and humorous character, giving the latest news about “what’s going on in the land of pandas right now” where the survival of pandas is still under threat.


First of all, take a look at the extract of the “Little Panda Chef” book recounting his trip to Paris. His favourite topics are good food, culture, interesting facts, preservation of the environment and the protection of endangered animals.  Please note that for each book purchased a percentage will be given to our partners to help them in their struggle and achieve their objectives.

(Meli Melo)

Rainy days when we want to stay at home are good opportunities to have a nice time getting close to the children.  A moment of togetherness, a tasty morsel and plenty of emotion will be waiting for you.

Teaching your children to cook is also a good way to discover new flavours.  It is important to look, touch and feel the products before tasting them, using all five senses. You will even perform your first chemistry experiments such as turning egg whites into snow!

For extra fun with friends at birthday parties we offer amusing themed cooking games that are easy to do.  We also publish a selection of funny drawings and photo collages of favourite animals sent by our visitors.


Playing games is a fun way to learn and it develops and reinforces many skills, such as: motor skills, patience, concentration and the ability to analyse, reason and memorize, without even realising it.  While the main purpose for games is to have fun, it is also an indispensable part of children’s development.


We will mostly cover topics found in the book with photos and videos, not to forget providing a “French touch” so trendy in Paris now, and more.


Questions & Answers.  This is an important section providing the opportunity for dialogue.  We will respond to all of you. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome to give our children the best that we can.