For all those who haven’t yet bought my book, here is my pancake recipe for “La Chandeleur” (Candlemas) which will be celebrated on Friday 2nd February, just 40 days after Christmas.

It’s a meal idea for everyone. It can be sweet or savoury, and you can make it however you like it.


Why Candlemas?

It was previously known as “La Chandeleuse” which comes from the word “chandelle” (candle).

 Although Candlemas is synonymous with a Christian holiday, it has long been a celebration for children who love to “flip” pancakes. It’s full of family and friendly fun which is why we share this Holiday with friends and children:

Pancakes make everyone happy.

An unmissable gourmet tradition!

An unmissable gourmet tradition!

It is associated with pancakes which is great fun for us.

A tradition to remind us that winter is coming to an end.

According to tradition, when making the first pancake, it’s a good idea to flip it several times in a row to deflect bad luck away from us for the coming year, whilst also holding a coin in your left hand, too bad left-handers! No, I’m only joking! It’s to attract happiness and prosperity.

They’re certainly good reasons to do it!

Mine will be with strawberry or raspberry jam which I love. What about you…