Decorating tip:

Inflatable balloons stuck to the ceiling without glue or helium. 

  • Inflate your balloon by blowing into it and rub it well on your hair or on your woollen or acrylic sweater.
  • Make a knot and tie a pretty ribbon (as pictured).

Surprise! Your balloon will hang from the ceiling through static electricity.

But, first of all, you need to know that this technique works with new balloons only and they will only stay up for about 20 minutes before falling down.  You should prepare them at the last minute for a ‘wow effect’.

Source : Pinterest - yummy food
Source : Pinterest - yummy food
Source : Pinterest - yummy food
Source : Pinterest - yummy food
Source : Pinterest - yummy food


It’s fun to make a braid of dough but then you will ask me how to do it.

It’s easy to do – I’ll show you how – to make sure you get a ‘wow effect’.

Take the dough recipe from my book.  When the dough is spread out well, cut it into 2 to 3cm long strips with a knife. Here’s a tip: the smaller the strips are, the better they will stick to the pie and the strips also need to be cold so as not to break up during the next step.

Make a braid with three strips, just like braiding hair.

In a bowl, mix the egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of water, then spread it around the edge of the pie mould to act as ‘glue’. Stick your braid around the edge of your mould and then spread the egg yolk on top with a brush or “paper towel” – I mean absorbent magic paper – to make the braid shiny too.

Don’t change anything else in the recipe regarding baking.