About us: 

We are French, and are authors of a book describing the journey of a little chef panda around the world. We share the culinary and cultural discoveries he makes in each country he visits.

Little Chef Panda is also an ambassador for our cause: the protection of endangered animal species.

Our goals: 

To present geography, culture and gastronomy in an entertaining way.

Learn how to make simple recipes for children to discover different types of food, smells and flavours.

Develop children’s curiosity, concentration and self-esteem.

Children will learn to appreciate other cultures with differences being a surprise rather than an obstacle to be overcome.

Educate children from a young age about the fragility of our planet so they adopt environmentally-friendly behaviour before they grow up.

And finally, encourage children to have fun, enjoy themselves and brush their teeth before going to bed, just like everyone else.

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