When Little Chef Panda was in France he discovered a desert called yoghurt that the French love!

They eat it after the meal or at any time of the day they feel peckish.

Lee loves his food and is also very curious so he simply couldn’t resist this simple desert that comes in different flavours.

He went to check out the yoghurt aisle in the supermarket and felt totally lost faced with such a huge choice!

For example you can get vanilla flavour yoghurts. They are a real delight! And there are also fruit yoghurts such as strawberry, raspberry or chocolate and so on. (Here is a photo of Lee and just look at the face he’s making, ha ha ha). He took a very long time to make up his mind and choose from all the different flavours and fruit yoghurts on display.

As I said, yoghurt is used in sauces and cakes, which is why Little Chef Panda is so pleased to share his yoghurt cake recipe with you!  Yoghurt makes it really light and it’s just as delicious, as well as being good for your health! It’s the best!

In fact, yoghurt is made from milk that has essential nutrients for your body including protein, calcium and some vitamins.


A note about calcium: it helps you grow and mineralises your bones making you stronger.

You’ll really impress people if you tell them what you’ve just learned for the recipe and they will all agree with you.

Here is a more detailed note for your parents to read about the benefits of yoghurt.

I suggest you try out Lee’s recipe for yoghurt cake.


The characteristics of yoghurt:

Yoghurt protein contains essential amino acids to reinforce the immune system against infections. It supplies a good source of calcium and phosphorus which helps children’s growth and is composed of very small particles of fat which is easily assimilated by the body.

Yoghurt also provides lactic ferments also referred to as pro-biotics, which are living micro-organisms that help transit in the intestines.