Want ice cream but have no ice cream maker? Not a problem!

Summer’s finally here, and I’m sure that, just like the Little Panda Chef, you love enjoying a spot of ice cream! Freezing and bursting with fruitiness, homemade ice cream can be even better than anything you’ll find at the shops, so why not give it a go yourself, and treat the whole family to a frozen delight!

Do you need an ice cream maker to make ice cream at home?

Ice cream makers are kitchen tools that let you make ice cream at home. They either have a freezer built into them, or you need to freeze a liquid in them before using them. However, the two ice cream makers work in a very similar way.

Both ice cream makers have a tank into which we pour the fruity ice cream mix, and the motor turns the “mixing paddles”, which make the mix smooth throughout. We then freeze the mix for several hours, before taking it out and enjoying it how we like, in a cup or in a cone.

The only problem is that ice cream lovers like us don’t always have these machines at home. Not to worry, though! The Little Panda Chef will give you a recipe that leaves the ice cream maker out of the mix – so listen up!


Yes, you CAN make ice cream without an ice cream maker!

For this first recipe, the Little Panda Chef will tell you how to make strawberry ice cream. Once you have learnt how to do this, you can make loads of different kinds of ice cream with any fruit you’d like.

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe (no Ice Cream maker required)

Ingredients for four Strawberry Ice Creams (without Ice Cream maker)

– 350g of fresh strawberries

– 50g of sugar (or a mix of 25g sugar, 25g honey)

– Juice of ½ a squeezed lemon

– 50g of full-fat crème fraîche (The Little Panda Chef would recommend Isigny Ste Maire

Crème Fraîche d’Isigny. It’s wonderfully creamy, and really delicious!)

– 100ml of water


Wash the strawberries and take the stems out of them.

Blend the strawberries coarsely with an adult’s help, so that you don’t hurt yourself!

Warning from the Little Panda Chef! Food processors are quick and easy, but you must NEVER touch the blades with your fingers, and never take the cover off while it’s still plugged in. If you want to touch or fix the inside of the mixer, always remember to unplug it first.

Next, add the sugar, the lemon juice, the crème fraîche and the water.

Blend the mix again until it’s very smooth.

Pour the mix into a plastic container and leave it in the freezer for at least five hours.


After five hours, you can enjoy a delightful homemade ice cream that’s full of goodness – and nothing nasty!

And here’s a tasty little treat from LEE – Make a milkshake with this lovely strawberry ice cream recipe, plus 20cl of milk. Put it all in the blender, mix it, and voilà! Drink up!