The first baby panda was born in France called “Cocorico”

Photo de Guillaume Souvant AFP

On Friday 4 August 2017, a baby panda was born at Beauval zoo.

His mother Huan Huan (which means “Joyful”) is doing well.

Huan Huan had actually been expecting twins, but unfortunately, and despite the efforts of the medical team, one of the little ones died. He was simply too weak. His twin, on the other hand, is stronger and in perfect health. After a careful and meticulous cleaning, his mother began to take care of him and finally give him all her love.

We won’t find out till later what this tiny lad is going to be called as it’s customary for China to choose the forename.

While we wait, let’s wish the little chap a happy welcome.

I will be keeping an eye on him and bringing you further news of our star of the day.

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